Mirri shares her latest art and inspiration on this blog. She creates multi-dimensional art and plAyRt. You can explore these on her site New Energy Art: www.mirrirocks.com This blog is about New Energy Art and Inspirational Artists.

New Energy Artists
New Energy Artists are a new wave of expressionists that are popping up more and more lately on the planet. Their expressions often tell and show about the power of imagination, other worlds and about other dimensions.

It’s all about playing! Playing with consciousness and with fantasy and space. By expressing this and using multi-media or other tools there are amazing, divine, absurdistic, funny and cool expressions and art creations born. Fantasy plays an important part. Key ingredients are fun, love, joy, empowerment and ingredient X. The expressions can look childlike, or very serious. There are no rules! Only the one you make up. It’s simply about letting the imagination and inspiration flow. That is the ingredient X!! Our body is the medium in where we ground this energy. 
Every soul and artist is different so the expressions and art are also very different from each other. 

New Energy Artists in this blog
We feature awesome New Energy Artists in this blog. You can find us on Facebook here, and meet amazing New Energy artists worldwide

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About Mirri
Mirri proudly presents wonderful artists to you.  Mirri (Marieke) makes the world beautiful with art, articles, books and coaching. She develops products and services based on love, empowerment and unity. It's her intention to expand awareness. Marieke is a graphic & web designer, a multi-dimensional artist & writer. May her work inspire you to live in joy, passion and expansion. Marieke has a great talent in manifesting potentials. She loves to invent and create new projects, art and idea's. She invites you in her art, writings, coaching and other work to experience this expansive journey with her. http://www.mariekeve​rhoeckx.com/

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