dinsdag 15 april 2014

Starting over

Today is a new beginning. These days I am changing. Changing my preferences, what I like, what I love. My work is changing. My art is developing.

Often these new beginnings come with a feeling of deep trust. At the same time all my internal bells go off and go crazy. Cause all cool and stuff to do new things, but what about security and holding on to what is familiar? Why does it always come with such a drastic change and loss? 

Today I am starting over. For a long time I didn't really had a clear vision about my dreams. Luckily my dreams at night help me. They made clear to me that there is a wish in my heart that I hadn't realized yet. I really really want to create a space in where I can invite kids and parents and other people to join in creative and educational activities. I want a place to give workshops and trainings. So yeah. That is what I am going to manifest. 

One way or another I am going to make it happen! Every time I want to freak out about all the insecure aspects of my life I am telling myself to trust. To trust this inner knowing and feeling that it will happen. That I will find my place in the world, cause I create it. 


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