vrijdag 31 mei 2013

Swirling Thing- The story behind one of my first

Swirling Thing

This is the first Energy Impression I made in this style. That is one of the reasons it's very special to me. Also the intention and meaning I putted into it when I created it makes it one of my favorites.

This one is about creation, having a ton of idea's and getting the right inspiration at the right time to manifest something. It's what I like the most. Having an idea and just going with the flow and creating it. Anchoring the dream I call it. In those moments there is just being, no thinking or more an ultimate balance between using the mind, the heart and the body while interacting with the world around me. Love love love it.

You can get it here on Etsy as postcard set and as Art for your on your wall

Wish you an inspired day full of great idea's and anchoring of those idea's in the here and now. :-)
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