zaterdag 1 juni 2013

Indian Red Rose- Invite the unexpected

Indian Red Rose is an art work is from my Digital PlAyRT Series.

I like the free spirit in this one. It just was created and came together while I was playing. I used different apps and software to create this one. I use coincidence a lot in my work. When I was creating this one my laptop froze with the selection square included and I decided to keep that in it. I made a screen shot and voila.

It made me realize to not use an eraser or the undo button which is so tempting in digital designs. Just let it be whatever it is. Trust that it will turn out exactly the best and how it needs to be.

As creator we are in service of what we create while we are the creator at the same time. It's being in service to ourselves in a way while using our skills to make fun stuff and beauty happen.

Indian Red Rose is one of the artworks that can be found in New Energy Art the book. It gives me a nice bohemian free spirit feeling which is perfect for vacation time!

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