maandag 17 juni 2013

The Art of Life

Miracles are Golden

I like art so much cause it's about creation, it's fluid and the ultimate fun and playing for me. It knows how to translate the intangible creation in life to such a vivid and alive representation in shape and color. 

Every artwork for me means something. It has an intention, sometimes it's even an answer to a question I had before I started. To move objects around, play with color and make it so it feels right, feels like putting all aspects of my life in the right order of the flow. 

It's a process that is most of the time unconscious. I love that cause it keeps my brain quiet. In creation I can't use my thoughts. I need that part of me that is sleeping in the back, that knows how to make things happen without any thought. I use my brain for conscious creation. To focus on stuff I like: nice thoughts, taking care of myself and others, sharing, being connected with others and the world. 

In  doing that I noticed some things. I was reading some inspiring books and watching some movies about creation. And suddenly a light bulb went on! I got this insight that I love to share.

Happiness, Love and I love you

One of the things of the conscious creation movement that is not helpful is the belief that you can create the life you want and when it doesn't turn out that way, it's your own fault. Than you didn't believed hard enough, or didn't worked hard enough, focused on the wrong intentions, had blockages or limiting beliefs or didn't let go enough. It's a belief in lack wrapped in a different jacket. It's the nightmare of the Dream that you can be whatever you wanna be, which is really haunting my generation I notice. 

Never ever let someone tell you, you are not good enough. We don't have to play that card over and over again. Creation never rewards or punishes. 
'You have the power' doesn't mean your superwoman or superman controlling the world. It means you own your choices, your life and value yourself and also know what's not in your hands. There are times life just happens. And it's awesome to surrender to that. To surprises and the unknown. Surrender to not knowing or don't want to know. It can open so many new doors that make life fun! It asks from us to go beyond ambition which is an acting out of forfilling basic needs, it asks from us to do our 'work' in life. To do what we like to do the best, to confront every day, be present and allow ourselves to be where we are right now in life.

Mirri 4 year

We became spoiled in a way by determining our path and roads and choosing our own play grounds. When it didn't turns out the way we wanted at first, it must be us, it must be the effect of our own choices or actions. Or we seek the answer outside ourselves, looking for something to blame. That is a construction of cause and effect ready to fail. It doesn't make us any happier when we think that way. It doesn't adds more love in the world or joy. It just makes us very frustrated. It's like being on a haunt for something but never being able to really reach it. Or when we reached the destination the boredom already kicks in, cause we much rather be living and breathing instead of sitting in a waiting room, choosing our next challenge. That will only gives us a temporary satisfaction of creation but isn't really fulfilling.

Letting go of control means for me letting go of the idea of how my life should be. My life is. Just like my art captures a moment of joy and fun, my life captures a flow. I play with it, add some color here and there. That's it. My life is not a Mona Lisa or de Nachtwacht. It's an abstract painting with color and glitter and shiny beads. There are bright parts, glossy ones but  there are spots where you can see holes and loose ends. 

Makes me wonder: How would my life look like when I paint it? I take on that challenge! I'm sure it will give me new insights. 

Do you like to have your own PlAyRT work created by me? Let me know and you can order one that is totally unique. 

Happy creation time with a lot of joy!!



Golden Swirl

zaterdag 1 juni 2013

Indian Red Rose- Invite the unexpected

Indian Red Rose is an art work is from my Digital PlAyRT Series.

I like the free spirit in this one. It just was created and came together while I was playing. I used different apps and software to create this one. I use coincidence a lot in my work. When I was creating this one my laptop froze with the selection square included and I decided to keep that in it. I made a screen shot and voila.

It made me realize to not use an eraser or the undo button which is so tempting in digital designs. Just let it be whatever it is. Trust that it will turn out exactly the best and how it needs to be.

As creator we are in service of what we create while we are the creator at the same time. It's being in service to ourselves in a way while using our skills to make fun stuff and beauty happen.

Indian Red Rose is one of the artworks that can be found in New Energy Art the book. It gives me a nice bohemian free spirit feeling which is perfect for vacation time!

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