maandag 15 april 2013

It rains feelings

We all have them. Feelings. What are you feeling right now? Are you connected to your feelings? They can be a source of inspiration creatively but also block us in our creative process.

Our emotions are an important aspect of our life. To be balanced emotionally in connection with our body, mind and spirit improves our well-being.

What I like are creations that are a reflection of an honest state of being. Creations that aren't supposed to be beautiful or polished but  I like authentic creations that are beautiful in their essence cause they tell the truth.

Art and creations never lie. It often is the energy and intention behind it that tells the real story. Color and shape represents that energy, focus and intention.

When you create something take a moment to breath and observe what is happening. What do you think? How does that make you feel? What do you need right now?

It rains feelings every day that are totally are telling the story of our creations. They are expressing the most basic emotions that are there: Love and Fear. When we are aware of that we can choose in the moment of what we want to manifest.

I choose love. Remember that you are beautiful inside and out and whatever you manifest is a reflection of that.

It rains feelings. Love.

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