dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Incubation and Creative Inspiration

When is the last time you took some time to listen to your favorite music, dream away in a pile of fabrics, got lost outside walking in the rain, decided to just drive and see where ever you end up? 

I asked myself that question, as I was feeling a bit impatience lately with a sniff of boredom, which often is just a lack of expression in my case. And I remembered that it was much to long ago and decided right away to change my schedule for the day and created pure me time.

It's such an important phase in creation: Incubation

When working on something new, when inspiration unfolds into a concrete manifestation, our minds and body get in a certain state. Everything we notice, we see and smell will pick up the vibe of the manifestation we're working on. We suddenly see images that help our creation, we hear something someone says that inspires us, come across a book that adds to the creation etc.

For that we need to give ourselves space. Room to breath in our minds and body. It's essential to take a walk outside, be in nature, get out of our creation pattern, out of our studio or office to let it all flow in a new way. We all need our inspirational water, just like plants do. We also need the sun. Real innovative creations are born when we allow ourselves to be, do something different today.

It creates nice new patterns when we suddenly drag ourselves away from our tablets and do something unexpected. The cool thing is we can consciously create these moments.

Working hard in the same groove, even when we are passionate, is a dead end creatively. It's seen as something nice in society. Working hard, being busy seems to be the norm. I have a tendency to work hard for sure but this year I wanted to do that differently and gave myself the gift of at least 1 day off a week.

1 day to do nothing work related. I also plan play time in my schedule, in the morning or afternoon for a couple of days a week to charge myself with new inspiration, go to the library, watch a nice movie or docu, go on adventure or follow whatever impulse I have that day.

Than creations can be created in an instant. The actual giving shape, the writing, the designing is the least time consuming aspect. But it can't be done without incubation, without food for our soul. 

Changing your environment is a huge key. That is why all these innovative work places and future centers are so popular. The space itself invites to do things differently. I wouldn't be as inspired without music, a nice podcast running in the background, a good audio book, flowers, a hug and my favorite outfit. But there are times I also need to adjust that recipe for my ultimate working space. That keeps everything flowing.

We don't need to judge ourselves for not being available 24/7 or responding to emails within an hour. Most things really can wait. Our main focus need to be to take care of ourselves, instead of responding out of fear to loose a client. Most of us became creative entrepreneurs to be free, but we often recreate a system and create high standards. We don't have to be the best, we just have to be ourselves. Forget all about needing to use your talents, earn money and look good. Take time to incubate first. Get inspired. 

The new way is the easy way!

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