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How Deadlines and Goals are your best Creative Friends!

Deadlines, goals and creativity. Are they opposites of each other? Friends? Is real creativity killed by deadlines?

In my experience there is not just one answer to all these questions. It will be different for everyone. I like to share my take on it.

Creation and Inspiration are different things although related to each other. We have the etherical inspiration, the energy that we find difficult to grasp, that is a sensation, a feeling.

Than there is the practical application, the materialization of that energy. 

In my creations I noticed that both Inspiration and Creation are very much connected but need a different approach.

Creation likes time and space. It wants to be materialized in matter, in time frames, it wants to have shape, color and show itself. Inspiration is more like a feeling that you want to experience inside yourself, in your thoughts or being. It doesn't need a time frame, words or want to know details. It wants to be. 

The way I create I need both a lot. I need the practical stuff. My buddy time allows me to have a schedule, a plan and time frame in where I dedicate my energy to a certain task, person and creation. In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of incubation. So that might be something interesting to look into when you feel like your so busy and swamped in work and to do lists.

Project goals allow me to manifest. When there wouldn't be a deadline it's not very likely I would ever accomplish anything the way I do now. It gives me a Focus. Remember that word. 


It's the frame in where I can go wild with all my idea's. I believe it's a myth that creative people need to get all the "freedom" to do what they want. Often that "freedom" means: an excuse to not share your creations today, being afraid to show color, to really be and make a statement. Isn't it much easier to work forever on something than sharing whatever it is right now with others?

My awesome book Mirea Dances. I designed my own cover!

I will give you an example. In 2011 I wrote a book, which until that point really was my life's work. DutchiesCheck it out here. I'm a perfectionist in a way so I wanted it to be perfect at first, which was a huge creativity killer. Imagine that. Writing the perfect book. Waha. People don't write books. They start with a letter, a word and when you connect them you get sentences, paragraphs, chapters perhaps, and than eventually a collection of words who when you print them, put a cover on it is called a book.

 I shall share a secret: it's not so difficult actually. You just have to be committed to dedicate time, space and energy to it, surrender to the inspiration and make it happen. Somehow most of us don't forget to eat every day, we would be dead soon when we did forgot that for a week. But often we don't think it's as important to manifest our souls wish and create moments for that in our lives. 

I won't go through all the possible steps and phases of writing and publishing books right now, but when you really want it, you can do it. Be prepared to not let yourself be limited by your own fear and beliefs and dare to break your own patterns. In other words: stop complaining and making up excuses: Just Do It. Now.

I was afraid that my book would suck. That it would be weird, to much out of the box, even for my out of the box and get rid of the box friends, that it would be not good enough, full of typo's, that the book made no sense and so on. Well that kills all the fun in advance. Perhaps it doesn't need to make sense I told myself, perhaps it supposed to have typo's in it to show a new way, perhaps it just is what it is and that's the best it can be. I choose love and creation above fear.
My Art Book!

When you want you can identify some special grammar and creative constructions that you could call a typo in my book. So what? Isn't the whole point of being who I am, that I am what I am, and that what you see is what you get and that it's just about being authentic instead of conforming to a standard that isn't really mine?  Isn't it all about creating a new standard, inventing new words and enriching language, speech with a new lingo and vibes? Yes!

It would suck when it wouldn't be a choice and when I wanted it to be something else, but I made a very clear intention about what I wanted with the book, and it's not up to me to judge my creation. It's up to me to make it happen, do my best, creating the best circumstance's for it to be manifested and the rest is up to... the wind, spirit or whoever.

Or up to the blue my little pony in my studio. LOL.

wrote articles for many years in English. Full of typo's on some moments. I knew that from the start. I was aware of it. I write and speak Dutch fluently and can learn a lot lot when it comes to English. And did it matter? Nope. I would not have had hundredths thousands of readers when I would limit myself and not publish them, create delays cause I needed to have it checked by others. Some of them where checked by native speakers, most of them not. I chose to publish them the same day I wrote them cause I didn't liked to have a delay, or be polished. I wanted to share it straight from my work place. Simple with one button: Publish.

Would I keep the same typo's in a book? Probably not but that would be a different creation, another flow, another manifestation. 

Was I aware of it? Yes. 

Did I got lot's of comments about it? Sometimes. It's really funny how typo's can piss people off. 

Did I care? Nope. Cause I also touched so many souls with my stories. And I could write in Dutch so when I needed to be miss "I write perfect" I could get my shot of ego from my Dutch articles and poetry. ( I was elected and a finalist for the best Poem of Holland and Belgium among famous poets) 
It says: This is the pink rabbit in alternative spelling. It's the logo for my Dutch creative poetry project Lieve Beer, which doesn't mean Live Beer, but Sweet Bear.

Back to the book: I wouldn't be able to complete it without a deadline. My creativity would be without focus, frame and float here and there and not really be so intense and dedicated. It would miss the link to the actual materialization, which is a huge key in creating magic!

Our body is the key. It's the tool that makes it all possible. It's the here and now, the today that makes a new creation, your souls wish happen. It's the action, the dreaming, the doing, the wishing that are ingredients of your Master Piece, that creation that is your souls wish, the thing that makes your heart dance and jump.

You don't have to look for it, cause it presents itself. You only have to listen and be aware. Take action than but don't force anything. Just let it present itself to you. Create moments so it can come to you. Dare to be open to all possible outcomes. Surrender to time, space, deadlines and goals. They might be your new creative friends!

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