maandag 29 oktober 2012

Sacred Animal Songs by Zoe Ann Nishimuta

Do you have a favorite animal? A sacred animal you relate to strongly? I do. One of my favorites is the squirrel. It reminds me to balance my energy and be playful. 

I don't remember anymore when I came across the beautiful, soft, cute and heartwarming Sacred Animal Songs of Zoe. I know it was years ago. 

I was touched by the images and lyrics right away. There is so much beauty in it's simplicity that tells about the joy of the animals and nature. She creates Sacred Animal Songs and creates beautiful art of the animals. 

I asked Zoe what her latest favorite was and she liked to share the Sun Bear Song with us:

Sun Bear Song

O Bear

Sun Bear

High up in the tree

Digging for honey

The magic sunrise on your chest

helps us to see the best

and brightest within everything

and this is the song we sing

For years Zoe mailed a daily message called the Turtle Path. She now sends out the Golden Turtle Path once in a while. Her messages are a bright light of simple joy and wonder. 

I was happy when I won a copy of her Sacred Animal Songbook a couple of weeks ago!

The cover is really cool with all kind of different sacred animals on it. Inside you find the lyrics and notes of different songs she wrote. So you can play it on your piano, flute or any other instrument and sing the songs. It's nice to play with it with children and let them choose their favorite for the day, or to just explore the songs together. It's also fun for innerchildren, as we all might have a Sacred Animal we relate to strongly. Every animal reflects something for us that can make our daily lives more fun.

You can buy the Sacred Animal Songbook here:

You can visit her cool website and explore the world of the Sacred Animal Songs here:  I really love the design of the site also.

Thanks Zoe for sharing your inspiration with the world!

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