donderdag 27 september 2012

Collecting little treasures...

Last week I was cleaning and organizing in my studio. I collected all my little treasures in a box that where in drawers, on the floor, in little piles on the table, in jackets, bags and toys that where just laying around. They are ready to be used on new artworks and installations. I think they feel at home in this colorful box that makes me so happy. Now you know why I call my art PlAyRt.

Now I'm on a quest to collect all my little strings, erasers (to make stamps from), glitter and other stuff. I have this dream of organizing everything on color. Just like a wizard brewing new potions, I'm brewing with glitter, glue, toys and paint.

I'm also featuring a cool artist soon and want to keep you updated about my work more often! Yay.

You can watch more of my PlAyRT here

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