dinsdag 10 april 2012

2012 started with lot's of cool

The crystal of truth

Last months I created a lot of new things:
 I published my book Mirea Danst

It's my intent to release a cd  and audio book also this year with lovely music and my book in spoken form.

I developed a new coaching tool for inspiration and insight using my art.
In the coming weeks I will start to do sessions with it. I already worked with people 1 on 1 and in groups with it. And it's so spectacular to see my art come alive in emotions, insights. It activates, tickles can be confronting and take you to other worlds inside yourself. Above all it's loving and play full. Strong and real. Expect some cool workshops and sessions in the coming months with the New Energy Art Experience.

I'm still presenting webinars. The last series New Energy Tools for 2012 finishes tomorrow. The next series will go further where the last one finished. New Energy Dynamics will be awesome. It starts on April 26.

I'm writing another book Indigo Style.

I expect to launch it this year. It will be in English.

I'm also working on a new website for a client. I'm really going international with my sites. My new client is from the USA.  I love my work at Mirri Designs.

And last but not least my New Energy Art shop had a make-over. It's now more easy to order my art as postcards, prints or on canvas. Take a look and taste all the candy.

On top of that I'm working on a spectacular overview of my art until now. More about that later..

Enjoy your time and lot's of fun in your creative space!

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