maandag 30 mei 2011

The amazing art of Tatyana

I came across the work of this wonderful talented artist and was hit by it's beauty right away. There is a kind of cool playful energy in Tatyana's multi-dimensional work that reminds me of children who make fun. It's almost like you watch trough the eyes of an angel, seeing beauty everywhere when you watch her albums on facebook I was touched by the creativity she expresses in different disciplines, and the healing energy all her creations have. They remind me of the worlds where color and shape are beings, playful beings, angels who play with crystals, objects and create portals. It reminded me of home, of dimensions I also love to play in. I proudly introduce you to the talented Tatyana and the different facets of her art.

My name is Tatyana Veduta. I am an artist, architect, landscape architect, and spiritual psychology from the Ukraine. I live in Odessa. I love to build a new world through my heart and the hearts of all people who resonate with me. I work with crystals, with a crystal lattice and portals...
I love life and all the opportunities given to us by the Earth ...

These drawings are the result of my meditations, and visions. I see the energy and different realities. I hear their message for a changing of the planet…see new tools to work with the new energies. All these figures anchor the energies that I accept. These energies activate our Eternal Being, our human DNA and our DNA of Star Beings

When I work, I release my mind and relax…My hand itself draws the line when I'm in these energies…Our hands are an extension of our hearts. I paint of my heart and the anchor of energy that pass out of it…I explore new tools and possibilities for humanity and spend this energy through a line on paper. This can be expressed in words, but this is beyond words ... pure energy of creation. This is a very loving energy and it is knowing us and our greatness. Our creation comes from our fundamental beings, from who we are, who we were and whom we will. In our figures are expressed all of our realities and frequency measurements…our interdimensional essence.


You can see more of her amazing work and connect with Tatyana on her Facebook page.

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE every single thing about this page,,, and about the personal connection and unfoldment.... it is truly from the heart, and touches other hearts..


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