vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Mirri Designs: making the world beautiful

Hello dear creator,

I would like to update you about Mirri Designs and our projects.
We just finished some new logo's and websites. You can find this in our new and updated portfolio.
We love to create the most awesome website and graphic design your project deserves!

Mirri Designs worked on some cool projects in the last months. We were asked to integrate real time news and find solutions for password protected live webcast integration. We love to develop gadgets and find solutions for our clients desires.

Sometimes it's a big step for our clients to step forward in their passion. Other times we can help in creating the finishing touch of a project you are passionate about. With a logo, website and business cards our clients show their light in the world. Mirri Designs offers marketing services how to expand your new or existing business and project.

We also facilitate you in the emotional process of stepping forward. We identify blockages, talents and share tools how to go beyond.

We always like to explore options to work together.  Feel free to drop a note and to ask for a non-committal proposal.  It's our passion to work with people and projects that make the world more beautiful.

Have a great day!



What people say about Mirri Designs:

“I know Marieke as a highly sensitive person who has learned to use this quality in her work. Therefore I hired her to design a new logo for my work. To my surprise she came up with a simple, however very powerful logo in very short time. Without explanations my clients could exactly tell what I meant with this new logo. A beautiful example how Marieke can sense without using many words what the purpose of the logo has to be. I can recommend her for all design work, she is highly creative and works fast. Grateful to know her!!”"
- Peter Lohbeck from PLohbeck (Fire) Safety & Emergency Response Expert Advice and Training

"She is soooooo good, designed mine too!!! And I am very happy with my cards and flyers. It is a joy to give them to people and I am very proud of it cause it is really me. So good job Mirri!!
- Petra Veltman, owner Bergkroon practice for personal development and self-awareness

"Marieke is my web and graphic designer for all my online and offline promotional material. She also does my marketing and IT services. She created an online community and a password protected broadcast for me. Next to that she designs my flyers, logo’s and business cards. She supports me in writing my texts. She always knows how to stimulate me and to step forward. She encourages me to go beyond where I wouldn’t dare to go. Next to that she delivers fast, beautiful and good products, she also is a super sweet human. Marieke knows how to translate my idea’s and wishes in practical designs and concepts. She thinks in possibilities. Where other people say "can’t and isn’t possible" Marieke goes for it and creates the impossible. "
- Elleke Verhoeckx, Artist and Empowerment Coach
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