maandag 10 januari 2011

New Energy Art- New Style

Yay, new stuff! 
I've been in creation and incubationmode for a while,
and now I'm ready for splash.

My art is evolving, the energy impressions and my plAyRT. 

New artworks, take a tour in the studio and new galleries and shop.

In this synesthetic visual impression you see the voicesample of I love you.
 I incorporated my multi sensory synesthetic experience of the feeling, shapes and words I love you in this impression.
Experience the power of love on all levels

I've uploaded a whole new serie of plAyrt 
With new work and old favorites. You can also take a tour now in my studio

New postcards are available in the shop

Enjoy the magic of color, the joy of paint. Don't forget to play.


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