zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Medulla Pineal Activation

Medulla Pineal Activation (C) New Energy Art 

Turn on your multidimensional antenna and tune in to frequencies you like! That's what this activation does for you. It's the activation and base that makes it possible to tune in to multi dimensional energys and the other Energy Impressions. You can see it as the onbutton of your internal radio. It supports the physical activation of your Medulla Pineal and anchors the activation in your multidimensional body.

The pineal gland is one part of our body that has both finite and infinite properties.  The job the pineal gland originally played was no longer needed when the DNA of the human template was altered.  Now, as of this writing, a critical mass in DNA re-connections have happened within the collective of humanity.  As a result and as a result of the physical Re-wire it is now possible to activate the Pineal gland to it's original condition and use.

One of the known jobs of the Pineal is to regulate the circadian rhythms in the body.  These include important biological functions like sleep cycles, the seasons, aging cycles, sex drive, the production of human growth hormone and much more.  The pineal determines our position within the illusion of space and time in the universe around us.  In other words, it grounds a spirit into the illusion of a physical time line. Many cultures believed that the pineal gland was the entrance and exit point of the soul. When the pineal gland becomes activated and you learn how to use it consciously, you begin to have control over this position in time and space. When you are activated you will start to have more control over the same issues of sleep cycles, aging, sexual drive, etc. It makes it possible to 'control' multidimensional travel and time travel.

Having the intent of having your Medulla Pineal activated is enough. There are modalities that can physically do this to assist in this. This Activation supports your intention to be activated, and works on a multidimensional level. It activates the Medulla Pineal through your eyes and on an energetic level. It can be used next to a physical activation from a facilitator or healer, and is used to support intent. You don't need it at all and you can do it yourself, as we all are one. It can be nice to have a reference for this energy, and this activation helps in that. I'm an Ordained Metaphysician + Overlight Facilitator and trained in the Medulla Pineal Activation by Steve and Barbara Rother from

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