maandag 30 augustus 2010

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About Mirri Rocks, Founder of Mirri Designs

"What makes me a good web designer, web application developer and hacker? It's not so much about what I can and know. It's more about what others don't know.
 I am the bridge between the superfast high tech new generation and the rest of the world. When we all would see how simple it actually is, you never would think you aren't technical anymore. It doesn't matter if your a big company or a grandma with a passion for cats. I love to make the most awesome site your project deserves"

donderdag 24 juni 2010

zaterdag 5 juni 2010

Hyperdimensional Molecules

There is a portal to everything in every molecule...
- Activate your holographic awareness-

This Energy Impression opens you up. It makes you aware of what was there all along.
It makes you more susceptible for other multi and interdimensional Energies as expressed in the Energy Impressions and Activations, as this consciously opens up the portals in molecules, cells and DNA.
You hold the universe inside yourself.
Know that you are safe, filled with light and divinely protected by unconditional love.
Love is a vibration that goes beyond fear. It's stronger than anything. You are love. An eternal light being and wonderful soul that shines in beauty. Watch it here 
It's available in the new energy art shop

zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Medulla Pineal Activation

Medulla Pineal Activation (C) New Energy Art 

Turn on your multidimensional antenna and tune in to frequencies you like! That's what this activation does for you. It's the activation and base that makes it possible to tune in to multi dimensional energys and the other Energy Impressions. You can see it as the onbutton of your internal radio. It supports the physical activation of your Medulla Pineal and anchors the activation in your multidimensional body.

The pineal gland is one part of our body that has both finite and infinite properties.  The job the pineal gland originally played was no longer needed when the DNA of the human template was altered.  Now, as of this writing, a critical mass in DNA re-connections have happened within the collective of humanity.  As a result and as a result of the physical Re-wire it is now possible to activate the Pineal gland to it's original condition and use.

One of the known jobs of the Pineal is to regulate the circadian rhythms in the body.  These include important biological functions like sleep cycles, the seasons, aging cycles, sex drive, the production of human growth hormone and much more.  The pineal determines our position within the illusion of space and time in the universe around us.  In other words, it grounds a spirit into the illusion of a physical time line. Many cultures believed that the pineal gland was the entrance and exit point of the soul. When the pineal gland becomes activated and you learn how to use it consciously, you begin to have control over this position in time and space. When you are activated you will start to have more control over the same issues of sleep cycles, aging, sexual drive, etc. It makes it possible to 'control' multidimensional travel and time travel.

Having the intent of having your Medulla Pineal activated is enough. There are modalities that can physically do this to assist in this. This Activation supports your intention to be activated, and works on a multidimensional level. It activates the Medulla Pineal through your eyes and on an energetic level. It can be used next to a physical activation from a facilitator or healer, and is used to support intent. You don't need it at all and you can do it yourself, as we all are one. It can be nice to have a reference for this energy, and this activation helps in that. I'm an Ordained Metaphysician + Overlight Facilitator and trained in the Medulla Pineal Activation by Steve and Barbara Rother from

Order it as Single Card, Card Set, Print or on Canvas here:
For just $4 dollar you already can get this! it's cool stuff. :-)

woensdag 17 februari 2010

Art Rescue!

Can you help find a new home for some COOL art?
A message from Dwight. A very coolio artist who rocks a lot lot!
So, here’s the problem: there’s a whole bunch of great art pieces sitting in a soon-to-be-sold house near Seattle and if we can’t find new homes for them then they’ll go in the dumpster.
The artist lives on the other side of the world. It’s too hard and expensive to ship.
So, if you’re willing to drive to Bellevue WA and you can give a good home to something here then email us.
Is it free? Of course, we’d love it if you want to pay for the art (d’uh) but mostly we just want it all to find new homes with people who appreciate it.
Click here to view the ones that are still looking for new homes…

maandag 1 februari 2010

Why can't you see? by Jane Cormack Designs

Jane Alexandra Cormack 2010 (c)  

Why can't you see?
This artwork shows a woman opening herself up to reveal a magical world inside herself.
I proudly present Jane’s work on this blog. She's an amazing multi-talented artist! Her work is honest, open and contains so much magic. It opens awareness in all its beauty. Her paintings touch me in my heart, as she brings home to earth with them. 

Jane creates unique and unusual jewellery, tiaras and accessories, 3D and 2D artworks, poetry and song lyrics and is available as a freelance writer and song lyricist. 
Her work is inspired by the energies of nature, spirit, travel and the ever changing movement of life. 
Jane’s one of a kind jewellery pieces were featured in the ‘35mm of Fame’ L’Oreal International Calendar 2005 as well as the short film ‘The Taylors’ 2005.

Jane about inspiration

Inspiration comes in every imaginable form, expected and unexpected, mysterious and obvious, a continuous flow should we allow it. The world inspires me, everything in, around and on it.  
People that are not afraid to be who they are and express their own inner truths in whatever form they love inspire me especially. I also inspire myself, through my experience and discovery of myself. The wonders of synchronicity and a million other things: People, their amazing stories, the natural world, surfers, poets, musicians, writers, film makers, scientists, love and friendship, words, the earth, environmentalists and lives lived by instinct and self trust.  All these things inspire me to create the things that I do.
Jane Cormack Art

Buy Handmade

I originally hail from the silver east coast city of Aberdeen in bonnie Scotland.  Always a very creative individual, I began writing poetry and rap songs at the age of twelve and short fictional stories from the age of seven. I spent most of my childhood years covered in paint, food, glue, glitter, twigs, mud etc, learning to play the piano and the clarinet and being close to nature. 
My ambition was to be a songwriter but I ended up at Art School. There I studied 3D Design at Robert Gordon’s University, Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen for four years graduating with a BA Honours degree in Design and Craft in 2000. My course also covered aspects of entrepreneurship.  This provided a basis of information that began my thinking towards setting up my own business. In my final year I specialised in glass design creating glass sculpture and lighting.  Following the degree show, I exhibited my work at the New Designers Exhibition 2000 in Islington, London and the Queens Road Gallery in Aberdeen. 
During my Art School years I travelled extensively around Europe and after graduation made a solo four month trip to North and South America. It was on my return from this inspirational and insightful travel experience that I decided to start my own business with the sponsorship and aid of the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust. 
In January and February 2003 I travelled to Guatemala and Belize. Here, I spent seven weeks exploring, studying Shiatsu massage and attending 3D art glass workshops, returning in March with plenty of new ideas.
In 2004 after developing my business I decided to move to Australia. I continued to develop my business based in Manly, Sydney and sold my work regularly at Paddington and Manly markets as well as many one-off festivals and events. During this time I also opened a shop on E-bay selling my own designs as well as imported pieces.  
After two fabulous years in Australia I based myself in Queenstown, New Zealand where I worked for the local newspaper in advertising and as a writer.  After nine months in the mountains, I moved to the rainforests near Auckland and worked freelance as an Arts Assistant and Props Buyer in the Film and Television Industry.  During this time, I continued to design jewellery, paint and write poetry.
In 2008, I moved back to the UK, to London where I studied an MA in Creative and Professional Writing.  After completing the course, I returned to Scotland in 2009 where I currently reside in the creative city of Edinburgh.  At present, I write articles for an online site for writers and am developing a business involving creative self-expression classes through cross-art forms.

maandag 18 januari 2010

Imelda Almqvist Art

My name is Imelda Almqvist. I am a Dutch painter, based in London, UK.

I picked Angakok Shaman Mother’ because there are three things in life I feel passionate about: motherhood (I am a mother of three boys), painting (I am a painter) and shamanism. At the moment I am doing the shamanic practitioner training with The Sacred Trust in the UK, where I live. Shamanism is about ancient ways of healing and seeking visions in close cooperation with the spirit world. A shaman can be described as someone who ‘walks between worlds’. Another description of a shaman is ‘someone who closes their eyes in order to be able to see’.

I have a great fascination with the Far North, in particularl Greenland and the Inuit People. ‘Angakok Shaman Mother’ was inspired by Inuit Art and mythology. The indigenous peoples of Siberia believed no woman could be a shaman until her childbearing years were over. In great contrast to this the Inuit people told many stories about mothers who tucked their babies in the Amaut (or hood) of their parka and went about their duties as a shaman. I really loved that combination, of a mother doing shamanic work as part of her everyday life, taking the children along with her! For me my own shamanic training has been a life-changing event that has opened many doors in both my mind and in my life. This painting has found a wonderful home at Ashton Lodge with the Sacred Trust in Dorset. For more information about courses and workshops in shamanism, the link is To see more paintings inspired by Inuit legends and life in the Arctic, you can visit the INUIT SERIES on

The second painting I picked was ‘Cathedral in Ice’. I made this painting about 18 months ago. I made a trip to Greenland in August 2008 and while there I had great vision where I spoke to the Spirits of Place and they showed me this image of a Cathedral in Ice, where animal spirits live on after death. They asked me to paint this vision and create a website highlighting the issues of global warming, pollution, the melting of glaciers and the pack ice, and many arctic animals (polar bears in particular) facing extinction. This vision can be found in full (with more paintings) on the following page:

The last painting I have chosen is titled ‘Clara Luces, Ascension’*. I made it just over a year ago, in the run up to Christmas, while listening to Latin American Baroque Christmas Carols. This painting is about our world undergoing a process of great transformation and a shift to a higher vibration and higher spiritual awareness. This shift is often referred to as Ascension. In this painting you can see the world and two human beings climbing the Tree of Life as they pass through different stages of awareness. It is a journey every human being on earth makes – but some are more aware of it than others. As this blog is about ‘art with soul’, inviting contributions in the place where art and spirituality meet – this painting had to be included – or so I thought!

If you would like to see more of my work, my website address is I always love hearing people’s comments and I have often found inspiration in the words of visitors! If ever you find yourself in London, feel free to book a studio visit to see these paintings in reality!

Imelda Almqvist

zondag 17 januari 2010

Postcards are like little art prints

Postcards are like little art prints,
for fine pleasure
and joy.
it's a postcard party!

they come alone sometimes,
and sometimes in a set,
depending on what you choose.
check them out here in my etsy shop

for buyers from holland:
een set van 5 is nu 8 euro incl verzendkosten. jeuj!
stuur me gewoon een berichtje op etsy,

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