donderdag 3 december 2009

The Soul Connection Network by Teka Luttrell

The Rise of The Radiant Godess is part of his 10-page gallery and is a visual feast of  80 pieces of visionary art depicting the  mysteries of holographic awareness, the  Personal Inner Hologram, the infinitely-well  orchestrated and heartbreakingly beautiful  Holographic Universe, and the unlimited  nature of the essence of a human being: the immortal soul. Check out the Free Downloads › Images section where several of his most popular pieces are available as greeting cards, posters and wallpaper in many sizes.

And, please visit the Design Services offered by Teka Luttrell page. Teka is  honored to offer his services to you as a Creative Director, an Art Director for your special web & print projects, for beautiful image enhancements of your own photos and pieces of art, and for the creation of your own custom-made visionary art pieces.

The Soul Connection Network
The Soul Connection Network is an inspirational multimedia company that offers a wide variety of educational and entertaining creations for the positive evolution of our ever-expanding global audience.
Their website is composed of over 400 pages of visionary art, essays, mystic poetry, healing art services, transformational stories, inspiring videos and one-of-a-kind web TV channels that move the soul. Their presentations are designed to gently expand your internal holographic  landscape and guide you on pathways to new realms of understanding and illumination.
Encoded within Soul Connection’s materials is the essence of a truly remarkable vision — not only of you, Dear Reader, but of humanity’s magnificent future, as well.

*Visit one of the most beautiful sites I ever saw The Soul Connection Network here The art is amazing, breath taking and uplifting. This is Design from heaven*

About  Teka Luttrell
 Teka Luttrell is the Creative Director and a founding visionary of the Soul Connection Network materials, the Stories for Transformation energy  project and Soul Connection TV.
 He is a student of the Lyricus Teaching Order and Twin Flame of his beautiful partner, Sollena.

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