woensdag 2 december 2009

New Energy Art - The New Wave

Welcome in the safe space of the play space!

New Energy Artists are a new wave of expressionists that are popping up more and more lately on the planet. Their expressions often tell and show about other worlds, about other dimensions. A great new ingredient what makes this wave so funny is that it plays with reality. I see around me a new group of artists experimenting and creating new things with new energy.

It’s all about playing!

Playing with consciousness and with other dimensions. By expressing this and using multi-media or other tools there are amazing, divine, absurdistic, funny and cool expressions and art creations born. Fantasy plays an important part. Key ingredients are fun, love, joy, empowerment and ingredient X. The expressions can look childlike, or very serious. There are no rules! Only the one you make up. It’s simply about channeling the energy of home on earth. That is the ingredient X!! Our body is the medium in where we ground this energy.
Every human angel and artist is different so the expressions and art are also very different from each other.

That makes it so cool!

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