donderdag 3 december 2009

I create my reality by Quantum Power Creations

 "Dream Big and imagine the impossible."
An Inspirational video to assist one to create their reality.

Sandee creates uplifting movies with sacred technology on her channel Quantum Power Creation

I know Sandee for many years now. She is a great human angel and divine being and rainbow sister. She rocks. Not only does she create art and movies. She writes amazing pieces of art. Once you have seen her fractals you are hit by the beauty, as they are an imprint of heaven. She brings home on earth by allowing her creativity to unfold, by simply BEing.

About Sandee Nash
'Sandee Nash also known on the web as 'Quantum Power' is an intuitive and creative individual with interests as varied as the rainbow. Joy is her J O B and she brings it through with Laughter Love and Sharing.
She is like a butterfly flitting to what seems attractive to her moment by moment. One day could be intense research on a subject that came to her in a dream or a conversation with a friend. The next could be sitting outside with friends enjoying just BE ing. And the next a creative project to inspire herself and others. She is very interested in the Body the Mind and the Spirit.
Energy Healing is a passion and she is continually educating herself and others as well as sharing her gifts to enhance not only her own life but the lives of others. Along with this is a passion for natural alternatives to achieve optimal health. Ask her a question and she will do her best to find a solution...she loves to research a subject.

Connect with Sandee here

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