dinsdag 1 december 2009

Fruit of the Rose by ImagineMagicStudio

"The Rose represents Love. And from love springs passion, represented by the girl. And from our passion comes our creations. We speak or sing forth that which we choose to create. The bubbles that are solid represent the potentials that we will not manifest but they move on to be expressed in another part of our existence.
The bubbles with pictures in them represent the potentials that we are in the process of manifesting and the other things are already manifested into our lives.
Creation is an unlimited process of us expressing our Divine light which shines from our Sacred Heart, the home of the God within.
Life can be a beautiful unending expression of Spirit through us if we just let it be. It is who we are"

I love the paintings this amazing artist creates. They are beautiful beyond words.

About Marty
Marty Jackson is a visionary artist who is self taught. She knew at the age of six that she would grow up to be an artist. Having not been encumbered by established techniques or styles allowed her to be very free with her work.
Her love of shapes, color and light has been a strong influence on her work. She loves the way colors and shapes harmonize and play with each other. "I love the way light changes the tone and intensity of the color of an object."
Marty has experimented with many different mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, inks and dyes to name a few. While oil is her medium of choice for the most part she still keeps her hands in many mediums and sometimes mixes them for different effects.
Marty is also a sculptor. Her medium for this is wood. " I love woods , all woods. I love to take a log that doesn't look like much and unleash it's hidden beauty. The colors and grains of wood are exquisite." Marty says she can feel the energy of the wood and it tells her what it wants to be.
She also creates magic wands out of wood and then enhances them with crystals. "Since childhood I have loved the creative process. I loved watching my father(who was a carpenter) take a pile of lumber and create wonderful things with it from tables to houses."
The love of the creation process is what drives Marty to explore many other forms of art such as music, dance, writing and poetry. "This world if full of magic. It is all around us. We just have to open our eyes and hearts to experience it. Marty lives and works in The Woodland, Texas.

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