zondag 13 december 2009

Experiment: The Evolution of New Energy Art

The Evolution of New Energy Art
A white canvas, capturing the energy in the moment. What does this canvas see? It sees your unlimited expression. You create a snapshot on this white potential, a dream maybe?
 With the medium you want. Play together with various artists all over the globe! Words, colors, paint, textile, jewelery, glue, concrete, sand, snot whatever you want. Go beyond the canvas. Add other media to it. Play with the energy of other artists that went before you.Watch the Evolution of New Energy Art.

Do you dare to take the challenge? Want to see how your creation interacts with other creators? What is left in the end? It's so much about the process! Feel free to participate in this New Energy Art Experiment.

How does it work?
It's simple: You get the canvas by mail. You can do with it whatever you like. You send it to another artist- creator. I have a list of artists and creators that would like to participate. Send it to someone you know, or ask for the list: mirrirocks@gmail.com. Take a picture of it, and mail it to me. I will post it here on the blog, so we can see the progress!
How long does it take? When is it ready? We don't know. That's the fun! Creations are free entities on their own, that go beyond time and space as we know it.

How to participate?
Send your name, adress, zipcode, and country to mirrirocks@gmail.com if you want to participate. I will put you on the list. Remember: everything is art. Breathing, sleeping, expression. Let's go beyond and amaze yourself with the beauty of The Evolution of New Energy Art.

There are no rules
So do your thingy! Feel free to do whatever you feel that must be expressed in the moment. Is there a theme? A guideline? Nope. Just do with it whatever you like. Maybe nothing at all, maybe cutting the canvas and making a stickpuppet of the frame. An ode to your momma on the back, maybe.
There are no rules in The Evolution of New Energy Art.

Experiment: The Evolution of New Energy Art starts: NOW!



Mail to: mirrirocks@gmail.com
for participation, questions, fanmail or whatever you like.

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