zondag 13 december 2009

Experiment: The Evolution of New Energy Art

The Evolution of New Energy Art
A white canvas, capturing the energy in the moment. What does this canvas see? It sees your unlimited expression. You create a snapshot on this white potential, a dream maybe?
 With the medium you want. Play together with various artists all over the globe! Words, colors, paint, textile, jewelery, glue, concrete, sand, snot whatever you want. Go beyond the canvas. Add other media to it. Play with the energy of other artists that went before you.Watch the Evolution of New Energy Art.

Do you dare to take the challenge? Want to see how your creation interacts with other creators? What is left in the end? It's so much about the process! Feel free to participate in this New Energy Art Experiment.

How does it work?
It's simple: You get the canvas by mail. You can do with it whatever you like. You send it to another artist- creator. I have a list of artists and creators that would like to participate. Send it to someone you know, or ask for the list: mirrirocks@gmail.com. Take a picture of it, and mail it to me. I will post it here on the blog, so we can see the progress!
How long does it take? When is it ready? We don't know. That's the fun! Creations are free entities on their own, that go beyond time and space as we know it.

How to participate?
Send your name, adress, zipcode, and country to mirrirocks@gmail.com if you want to participate. I will put you on the list. Remember: everything is art. Breathing, sleeping, expression. Let's go beyond and amaze yourself with the beauty of The Evolution of New Energy Art.

There are no rules
So do your thingy! Feel free to do whatever you feel that must be expressed in the moment. Is there a theme? A guideline? Nope. Just do with it whatever you like. Maybe nothing at all, maybe cutting the canvas and making a stickpuppet of the frame. An ode to your momma on the back, maybe.
There are no rules in The Evolution of New Energy Art.

Experiment: The Evolution of New Energy Art starts: NOW!



Mail to: mirrirocks@gmail.com
for participation, questions, fanmail or whatever you like.

maandag 7 december 2009

It's all Joy by Anthony Butkovich

This pair of underwear was designed for a project for the artist collective known as the Sketchy-Neighbors http://www.sketchyneighbors.com/
They would choose a theme and a material that would be outside their usual medium, such as just painting on canvas.
This projects theme was: Life is...? and the material was Underwear!
Anthony played off the concept of duality and finding the balance of life, in the middle! Life is balance and all joy, no matter how prickly the thorns of the 'rose' gets in uncovering it all.

Anthony is a very cool artist. He's amazingly funny and creates soft, warm, sweet, naughty, smoothly art. I love the soft colors and the curves. They bring a very special energy in the room. It's like he's connected to all the fun stuff in the universe, and with his art he brings it here on earth. Check out my favorites to see more of his art

He also makes video's! This one is called Aspects


 About Anthony 

Throughout his career, Anthony Butkovich has enjoyed a diverse client and project list. The body of his work spans corporate identity pieces and website icons to editorial illustrations and permanent mural installations to privately commissioned paintings and murals. His versatile style lends itself easily to a variety of media including print, digital and mixed media.

Anthony's fine artwork can best be described as a combination of soothing colors and shapes in fluid motion, that gently lead the observer into a world beyond reality, into the realms of imagination. His narrative imagery explores the natural, man-made and etheric worlds and gives honest expressions of life and of the abundance in all things. To look at his paintings is to dream with open eyes.
Client list includes:
ATT, Merchant's Bank, Austin American Statesman, Neighborhood Centers, Inc., Chase Manhattan Bank, Omni Technology Centers, Children's Museum of Houston, Pepsi Co., Compaq, Red Cross of Houston, Houston Press, Stepping Stones Children's Museum, Houston Zoo, Texas Park ; Wildlife, Hyatt Hotels, University of Houston, Iridium Telecommunications, USAA Auto Insurance, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Fuzion, Wellness Catfood, The University of Texas.
Anthony lives and works in Houston, Texas.

Favorite Music
oh shit...that is a long list.. here are some current loves: Komeda, Santogold, Queen, Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, Bad Brains, Lily Allen, Granddaddy, Alif Tree, Band of Horses, PIL, Philip Glass, Mason Jennings, Nina Hynes....
Favorite Movies
Local Hero, Star Wars., Same time next year, Zoolander....yada...
Favorite Books
The Little Engine That Could.
Favorite Quote
I am it, god-dammit -Me
His site: http://www.abartist.com 
You can get his a m a z i n g art and prints here
He also lives on Facebook: Anthony Butkovich

donderdag 3 december 2009

I create my reality by Quantum Power Creations

 "Dream Big and imagine the impossible."
An Inspirational video to assist one to create their reality.

Sandee creates uplifting movies with sacred technology on her channel Quantum Power Creation

I know Sandee for many years now. She is a great human angel and divine being and rainbow sister. She rocks. Not only does she create art and movies. She writes amazing pieces of art. Once you have seen her fractals you are hit by the beauty, as they are an imprint of heaven. She brings home on earth by allowing her creativity to unfold, by simply BEing.

About Sandee Nash
'Sandee Nash also known on the web as 'Quantum Power' is an intuitive and creative individual with interests as varied as the rainbow. Joy is her J O B and she brings it through with Laughter Love and Sharing.
She is like a butterfly flitting to what seems attractive to her moment by moment. One day could be intense research on a subject that came to her in a dream or a conversation with a friend. The next could be sitting outside with friends enjoying just BE ing. And the next a creative project to inspire herself and others. She is very interested in the Body the Mind and the Spirit.
Energy Healing is a passion and she is continually educating herself and others as well as sharing her gifts to enhance not only her own life but the lives of others. Along with this is a passion for natural alternatives to achieve optimal health. Ask her a question and she will do her best to find a solution...she loves to research a subject.

Connect with Sandee here

The Soul Connection Network by Teka Luttrell

The Rise of The Radiant Godess is part of his 10-page gallery and is a visual feast of  80 pieces of visionary art depicting the  mysteries of holographic awareness, the  Personal Inner Hologram, the infinitely-well  orchestrated and heartbreakingly beautiful  Holographic Universe, and the unlimited  nature of the essence of a human being: the immortal soul. Check out the Free Downloads › Images section where several of his most popular pieces are available as greeting cards, posters and wallpaper in many sizes.

And, please visit the Design Services offered by Teka Luttrell page. Teka is  honored to offer his services to you as a Creative Director, an Art Director for your special web & print projects, for beautiful image enhancements of your own photos and pieces of art, and for the creation of your own custom-made visionary art pieces.

The Soul Connection Network
The Soul Connection Network is an inspirational multimedia company that offers a wide variety of educational and entertaining creations for the positive evolution of our ever-expanding global audience.
Their website is composed of over 400 pages of visionary art, essays, mystic poetry, healing art services, transformational stories, inspiring videos and one-of-a-kind web TV channels that move the soul. Their presentations are designed to gently expand your internal holographic  landscape and guide you on pathways to new realms of understanding and illumination.
Encoded within Soul Connection’s materials is the essence of a truly remarkable vision — not only of you, Dear Reader, but of humanity’s magnificent future, as well.

*Visit one of the most beautiful sites I ever saw The Soul Connection Network here The art is amazing, breath taking and uplifting. This is Design from heaven*

About  Teka Luttrell
 Teka Luttrell is the Creative Director and a founding visionary of the Soul Connection Network materials, the Stories for Transformation energy  project and Soul Connection TV.
 He is a student of the Lyricus Teaching Order and Twin Flame of his beautiful partner, Sollena.

woensdag 2 december 2009

New Energy Art - The New Wave

Welcome in the safe space of the play space!

New Energy Artists are a new wave of expressionists that are popping up more and more lately on the planet. Their expressions often tell and show about other worlds, about other dimensions. A great new ingredient what makes this wave so funny is that it plays with reality. I see around me a new group of artists experimenting and creating new things with new energy.

It’s all about playing!

Playing with consciousness and with other dimensions. By expressing this and using multi-media or other tools there are amazing, divine, absurdistic, funny and cool expressions and art creations born. Fantasy plays an important part. Key ingredients are fun, love, joy, empowerment and ingredient X. The expressions can look childlike, or very serious. There are no rules! Only the one you make up. It’s simply about channeling the energy of home on earth. That is the ingredient X!! Our body is the medium in where we ground this energy.
Every human angel and artist is different so the expressions and art are also very different from each other.

That makes it so cool!

Join us on Facebook

Cosmic Angel by Marina Petro

"This painting was created in the tradition of "A Painting A Day" and part of the "Daily Painters Movement." We are group of hundreds of artists all over the world, who paint (almost) daily and post each new work as it is completed at our painting blogs. I invite you to visit my blog at http://marinapetro.blogspot.com where you can view my newest work. This painting was created spontaneously from my imagination. It's always a new adventure when I paint in this manner, in contrast to my still life, landscape, and more realistic pieces.

"Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one."
-Stella Adler"

About Marina Petro
Her passion for painting was ignited when she held the first crayon in her two year old hand. She's primarily a self-taught artist, clairvoyant, and present workshops in Intuitive Painting and Developing Intuition.
She works primarily with oil on canvas. Her “Zone Series” paintings are rendered with mixed media on canvas. Paintings range from visionary and cosmic landscapes to realistic landscapes, still life, and abstract works. She has created an exclusive line of greeting cards and fine art prints of my original artwork.
She is a participant in The Daily Painters movement or, "A Painting A Day." They are a group of artists worldwide who typically paint one small painting (almost) daily and post each piece as it is created at their daily painting blogs for sale. She  recently has been invited to participate in the worldwide “Bridging Heaven and Earth”art project and the Daily Painters International Art Gallery.
Her artwork has been published on CD covers, wine collections, and in a variety of publications and national magazines. Her paintings and prints are in private collections all over the world.

See more art by Marina Petro here

dinsdag 1 december 2009

Fruit of the Rose by ImagineMagicStudio

"The Rose represents Love. And from love springs passion, represented by the girl. And from our passion comes our creations. We speak or sing forth that which we choose to create. The bubbles that are solid represent the potentials that we will not manifest but they move on to be expressed in another part of our existence.
The bubbles with pictures in them represent the potentials that we are in the process of manifesting and the other things are already manifested into our lives.
Creation is an unlimited process of us expressing our Divine light which shines from our Sacred Heart, the home of the God within.
Life can be a beautiful unending expression of Spirit through us if we just let it be. It is who we are"

I love the paintings this amazing artist creates. They are beautiful beyond words.

About Marty
Marty Jackson is a visionary artist who is self taught. She knew at the age of six that she would grow up to be an artist. Having not been encumbered by established techniques or styles allowed her to be very free with her work.
Her love of shapes, color and light has been a strong influence on her work. She loves the way colors and shapes harmonize and play with each other. "I love the way light changes the tone and intensity of the color of an object."
Marty has experimented with many different mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, inks and dyes to name a few. While oil is her medium of choice for the most part she still keeps her hands in many mediums and sometimes mixes them for different effects.
Marty is also a sculptor. Her medium for this is wood. " I love woods , all woods. I love to take a log that doesn't look like much and unleash it's hidden beauty. The colors and grains of wood are exquisite." Marty says she can feel the energy of the wood and it tells her what it wants to be.
She also creates magic wands out of wood and then enhances them with crystals. "Since childhood I have loved the creative process. I loved watching my father(who was a carpenter) take a pile of lumber and create wonderful things with it from tables to houses."
The love of the creation process is what drives Marty to explore many other forms of art such as music, dance, writing and poetry. "This world if full of magic. It is all around us. We just have to open our eyes and hearts to experience it. Marty lives and works in The Woodland, Texas.

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